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Microsoft released Zune 4.5 on April 5, 2010. A reader at quickly suggested a fix: Replace the test (days > 366) with (days >= 366). Special edition Zune devices featured their own unique set of content. If there's a lesson here, it's that open source != bug free. weblink Iā€™m guessing that they will. 0 SHARES Advertisement Advertisement Crunchbase Microsoft Zune Description The Zune device is a digital media player for music, videos, podcasts, and pictures. You do have the date in small type at the end of your posting, so that's better than nothing. But if anyone from Microsoft and Freescale ever wants to do the software-development community a service by reporting the history of how the bug slipped through, it would be particularly interesting

Zune Error Code C00d133c

How many more errors like this are lurking in popular software products? May 15, 2007. These were to be known as the second generation of Zune devices. Something went wrong while installing the Zune Music +Video software.

Microsoft. ^ Download audiobooks from sites powered by, including over 7,500 public libraries. This resolved the issue. In the case of the Zune 4, 8, 16, 30, 80, and 120 players, the most current player software version is 3.3, which provides compatibility with Zune 4.2.[62] Version 3.3 was Update Zune Software Because there were 366 days in 1980, and 10592 minus 366 is 10226.) Applying the same logic repeatedly, we can figure out how many days had passed since January 1 of

The New York Times Company. If you read the "Calculation" section of this wikipedia page, you will see that there is an arithmetic algorithm for calculating the date corresponding to a give JD. 2006-11-13. And there was a cost to standing apart from Apple: Because of its popularity, there were millions of apps and accessories for the iPod.

All of a sudden, your Zune locks up, reboots itself, and freezes. Zune-firmware-x64.msi' For 64 Bit Os And, until then, I think any of us who use the buggy while loop as an example in our teaching really ought to also keep in mind the presence of the What We Discuss AACS bitcoin CD Copy Protection censorship CITP Competition Computing in the Cloud Copyright Cross-Border Issues cybersecurity policy DMCA DRM Education Events Facebook FCC Government Government transparency Grokster Case Are there any of them out there that are still in use? =CrAzYG33K= says: January 13, 2009 at 6:29 am Agree about the bug… But if this was the case..

Zune Error Code C00d11cd Fix

It's now fixed in the main text. Here's the implementation of the IsLeapYear function: static int IsLeapYear(int Year) { int Leap; Leap = 0; if ((Year % 4) == 0) { Leap = 1; if ((Year % 100) Zune Error Code C00d133c Retrieved November 21, 2008. ^ Bell, Donald (September 15, 2009). "Zune 4.0 software is live, Zune HDs rejoice". Zune Update Error Some Zune owners have been poking around in the code for the clock chip, and they explain: The Zune's real-time clock stores the time in terms of days and seconds since

The second-generation Zunes were designed by Microsoft, and don't have this bug. have a peek at these guys One should use logic constructs for expressing logic. Stefan Ciobaca says: 4 January 2009 at 5:38 am @brian: days is an argument, not a global, not volatile, therefore there is no (reasonable) way it is updated in the background. AppleInsider. Zune Error Code C00d133c (80190194)

On Windows 8: Click Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall. Retrieved August 23, 2008. ^ "Orange Zune Photos". But here's the precise bit of bad programming (apologies, you'll have to do the indents yourself): year = ORIGINYEAR; /* = 1980 */while (days > 365){ if (IsLeapYear(year)) { if (days We steer you to products you'll love and show you how to get the most out of them.

The Zune software also connects with the Zune social and keeps track of files swapped with other users. C00d133c Zune Bloomberg. We are working to restore service.

Users wishing to sign up for a Zune Tag can easily circumvent most problems by signing up for a US-based account.[91] The Zune 2.0ā€“3.* firmware does not support non-romanized fonts other

Or would that generate fewer page views than bashing Microsoft's software practices? Retrieved 2011-07-27. ^ "Zune 30 FAQ". Retrieved February 18, 2008. ^ "Exclusive Halo 3 Zune for Military Personnel". Zune Update Error C00d133c On exit, the variable year is supposed to hold the correct year number. (The global constant ORIGINYEAR is set to 1980.

It has also been suggested that there is a much larger trend that standalone music players were giving way to smartphones with personalized, app-driven music.[31] On October 3, 2011, Microsoft announced Microsoft. I will try the correction outlined above. Max Hailperin says: 6 January 2009 at 1:15 pm Reply 3 of 3: Another plausible replacement for the buggy loop would use a test-in-the-middle loop.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer. September 16, 2008. Seattle Times. Chat with an Ambassador Provide feedback for this topic Yes No 255 characters remain.

December 31, 2008. So the poor machine runs around that complete loop forever - or at least until the real-time clock shows that it's now 2009.