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Xml Error Syntax Error At Line 1 Rockettheme

Done and the server response is "Uncaught exception: INVALID MIME TYPE". The extension uses PayPal and Google Checkout as its payment systems, and comes with an inbuilt theme. ★ Features Payment Systems: use PayPal or Google Checkout Currencies: use up to 16 Craig #764371 David Goode Preeminent Rocketeer Posts: 16619 Thanks: 793 Web Designer and Host Re: Gantry on Joomla 1.6 got: XML error: syntax error at line 1 Posted 4 years 9 on Twitter Joomla!

But it does the job! Load layout presets or duplicate the layout of another Outline with a click of the mouse, and customize virtually every aspect of the page layout without ever having to touch a Owner's reply: Joomla 3 recommends PHP 5.6+ or 7+. on YouTube Joomla!

But you have to be aware of that - no point in complaining to the manufacturer :) Doesn't work? That said, I think your review is unfair. The root of this bug is the configuration of your servers: the PHP short_open_tag config is set to Off instead of On to make it works.

c p RokAjaxSearch Free | Site Search | RocketTheme 3 Score: 76 43 reviews RokAjaxSearch is a truly powerful module that brings fantastic search functionality to Joomla, using the powerful and The module syncs automatically with either Google Calendar or JomSocial, presenting basic information such as title, date and a description, which link to the full event. Infinitely Customizable Gantry 5 is the most customizable and powerful version of the framework yet, featuring drag-and-drop customization controlling virtually every aspect of the site's layout and design. I want to know if I can connect this behaviour somewhere in com_gantry to a particular component I have installed. (Completely fresh installation on diff domain with same server works fine).

Self-closing HTML tags, you type , RokPad auto-fill with Shortcodes and Universal Tag Insertion Drag & Drop of text from external applications such as other Browser Tabs/windows or Native Applications (Supported 0 Welcome Guest! If I like the free version (after it installs and works), I'll be looking at the PRO version. Saturday, 07 June 2014 Re: JCE SyntaxError in jquery PictureUpload Category: Discussion: JCE Editor In Editor Profiles -> Editor Parameters -> Filesystem, set [b]Validate Mimetype[/b] to [i]No[/i].

Highly recommended. on GitHub Home About Community Forum Extensions Resources Docs Developer Shop Accessibility Statement Privacy Policy Help Translate Report an Issue Log in © 2005 - 2016 Open Source Matters, Inc. Sophisticated content filters, robust layout modes and options, integration with multiple content providers, and a streamlined no-nonsense interface all contribute to a powerful yet user friendly experience from start to finish. Just to note: I have tried this with firefox and IE9.

Monday, 07 July 2014 Re: I can't add Google Web Fonts to JCE Category: Discussion: JCE Editor there any special syntax that needs to be added?... The error appears only in the frontend (all publishers). Home Support Joomla! Connect Mailing Lists Community Community Portal Joomla!

Please visit to download a FREE Joomla Gantry 5 default theme (Hydrogen) which can be used as a base for your own template! check over here If you switch on support category option (ON/OFF and language) - RokCandy will be ready for Joomla 1.7.0 If you want I can help you as tester of new release or No Programming Experience Necessary Adding and moving positions, resizing blocks, and more can be done with drag-and-drop simplicity in the new, powerful Layout Manager. Contribute The Joomla!

PHP 5.3 was released on the 30th of June, 2009 and has become unsupported a year and a half ago (14 Aug 2014). p RokNavMenu Free | Menu Systems | RocketTheme 3 Score: 61 17 reviews ★ RokNavMenu is a powerful menu module which provides functions above and beyond the capabilities of the core thanks. Posted on 07 September 2016 Functionality As should be Ease of use yes Support np Documentation right one I used this to: website. :) Not what i expected stratos (27).

I found out if I went to Article Manager > Options > Text Filters and set my filter group to "No Filtering" it fixed the problem with RocCandy. RokGallery uses design and concepts that have been traditionally reserved for platform-native applications and are for the first time making their way into a web environment. ★ Administration Features - HTML5/Flash Extensions Directory™ Download Demo Home Browse Extensions Top RatedMost ReviewedNewJED Editor's Blog JED Newsletter Support JED Knowledgebase About the JED Meet the JED TeamTerms of Service Log inRegister Login Log in

Posted on 23 November 2015 Functionality Gantry is a full fledged functional system.

Joomla! on Google+ Joomla! I´ve tested also in IE and older FF. I've latest gantry framework installed, all latest rocket extensions.

Rocketeer Posts: 39 Thanks: 0 Re: Gantry on Joomla 1.6 got: XML error: syntax error at line 1 Posted 4 years 10 months ago Thanx for the suggestion. Templates Extensions WordPress Themes Plugins Magento Themes Extensions phpBB Styles Docs Forum Perks You are here: Free Stuff Gantry Framework Gantry 4 for Joomla Topic Gantry on Joomla 1.6 got: XML Our clients love it's simplicity and we love it's adaptability. Jen Fraser (1).

November 27, 2010 ouzou said: The name of my homepage's title is welcome to venus. Powerful Menu Editor Change the way your site's menus look with Gantry 5's powerful Menu Editor. July 07, 2011 Alex said: I have problem with the website in IE9 and Chrome. Connect Mailing Lists Community Community Portal Joomla!

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