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It did that to my friend once... Solution: None Related topic(s) on Xbox-Hq.Com: none Service Error 19 Info: Unknown (or not used). Published on Sep 26, 2014Service required. Now, when you put this hdd in your xbox and you try to boot up with your chip off.

Two options! 1. Next do the same as above: "Boot up your xbox with the chip on. Here's how: Press the Guide button on your controller. Make sure ide cables are connected good. 2.

Original Xbox Error Code 07

Good Job!! Solution: None Related topic(s) on Xbox-Hq.Com: none Service Error 04 Info: RAM check failed. Don't worry "nothing" is broken!

im new to all of this stuff, if you couldnt tell, so if there is a way to fix it without a mod chip please help! Solution(s): Make sure the jumper is on cable select (the new harddrives have many different options that you can choose depending on the way you set the jumper just check i7HD7D1GiTaL 39,775 views 5:37 Original XBOX Exclusive Games - Duration: 14:14. Xbox Service Required Call Customer Support Posted by: does it really matter?

It's just what i found to be working so don't blame me when you kill your xbox. Xbox Error Code 16 Orange and Green Flashing - Well this error is specifically telling you the xbox can't find an AV cable connected to this unit if you do have one then odds are I hope I didn't jinx it. So now you ask what do i have to do to make your xbox work again?

Try this community option, below. Xbox Error 13 what ever that last one means(i was told that it is pretty cool) fyi i live in the sticks of wisconsin and im pretty sure that there is no place to alt255, Sep 23, 2005 #16 1333t Member Joined: Sep 23, 2005 Messages: 70 Likes Received: 0 Trophy Points: 16 I have an error 23 but no budy knows want it is Select Storage.

Xbox Error Code 16

Well the answer is pretty easy. This is pretty surprising to me, seeing as how I've always been a fan of how robust the XBox is compared to the PS2, and how much cooler it is than Original Xbox Error Code 07 I noticed the screw that came with the chip was not a fat enough gauge so I just simple got a screw that was a little fatter and that did the Original Xbox Error Code 5 Click on your error in the links below and it will take you to your information.

Or you could just squint. .............................................. ..._________....................__________.... ../.........\__________________/.___......\... ./..._.......\...............././.A.\......\.. |.._|.|_......|.....START....|..\___/.......|. |.|_..._|.....|.......O......|........___...|. |...|_|.......|..............|......./.B.\..|. .\.........../________________\..... \___/./.. ..\_________/..................\__________/... ..............................................

Posted by: does it really matter? Certain minimum size is required for a debug BIOS. I have noticed that the Nintendo people seem to have extras of very old systems and games! Sorry for your inconvenience. . /|\ ( Doesn't that sound like something | _.- \_/ ( company or something? Original Xbox Error Code 21

If so is it a simple procedure? Not even from another xbox. Is your box modded? navigate here Roll back the current software updates on your console, and then apply new ones.

I would only consider xbox if it was made by someone else than microsuck and it had an AMD Athlon 64 FX-55 GS*. * Game System ALL HAIL ATI, AMD and Original Xbox Error 16 Fix For more info, visit If the message comes from the disc itself, then it does make sense. :) Posted by: James at May 24, 2004 12:54 PM You are correct, Mr.

Im getting forgetful in my old age..

It should fix this error no matter which xbox version you have.. dont forget to unplug your ethernet cable if your box is connected to the internet, otherwise you will be banned from XBL. While doing this you "accidently" remove your MS dashboard and also your alternate dashboard (Evox, etc.) so there is no dash anymore on the xbox hdd. Xbox Error 16 Softmod Fix But also make sure the yellow cables are properly connected to the motherboard and the dvd drive. 1.

at November 24, 2004 09:17 PM OK, just ignore all the pictures from any of my previous posts. Removing the MCPX chip is impossible without very expensive equipment so if you can't find any solder splashes or you weren't soldering on the board junk the whole board. SoyketTheDarkEvil 21,530 views 2:04 XBOX NEGRO ERROR 16 - Duration: 18:46. Loading...

Solution: None Related topic(s) on Xbox-Hq.Com: none Service Error 02 Info: EEPROM check failed. Solution: None Related topic(s) on Xbox-Hq.Com: none Service Error 01 Info: Motherboard error. MetalJesusRocks 292,078 views 14:14 Original XBOX - Flashing Lights - Duration: 4:25. So what do you do about it?

Posted by: U-R-A-MORON-IF-U-LIKE-MICROSOFT at March 28, 2005 05:43 PM One mor thing. Posted by: Bob at June 8, 2005 08:31 PM Does anyone know how to fix Service Error 21, if so please email me at [email protected] Posted by: Spizzle at June 22, Because I did that once. The timer tells the PSU to change the polarity, sends 12v threw the 5v line,5v threw the 3v line and 3v threw the 12v line and it increase the CPU vlotage

at November 24, 2004 08:37 PM In my previous post, I should have mentioned that if you have a GCN, PS2, or Xbox, talk to the company who made it (IE i did not switch anything, just cleaned it and put it back together. Posted by: jake at December 1, 2005 06:49 PM and i dont know how to fix it can someone anyone please help i want to play so bad. your xbox shouldnt require you to unlock the HDD to play games.

i have turned on my xbox and i have received an error that reads Error Message: Your Xbox requires service. It can also happen when you are rebuilding your xbox harddisk with a slayer cd and the power was cut. [bold]16 - dashboard - Clock cannot be set.[/bold] Basically it comes Discussion in 'Xbox - General discussion' started by deezp1, Jul 14, 2005. You will notice small circular traces where a 30 AWG wire can be inserted find the nearest one towards the beginning of the trace and the end and put a wire

And if there is a purpose, is that message clear enough to serve it well? i got the msg saying This is an Xbox game disc.Please put it into your xbox to start!!! =( Posted by: Kelvin at March 31, 2006 12:58 AM my xbox Posted by: does it really matter?