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can I re-lock it without losing his stuff? it should boot the disk before it tries to boot your dashboard. Seriously though, you sounds pretty well flapped. Are you absolutely sure this box has a chip in it? this contact form

After that, UNLOCK the harddisk with the same procedure i explained above (see error 5). I am currently blank from buying this console http://indianapolis....3219117208.html SixSenseEagle, Sep 9, 2012 Top #11 Member DinohScene The Gift of Dino Joined: Oct 11, 2011 Messages: 12,727 Location: В небо im new to all of this stuff, if you couldnt tell, so if there is a way to fix it without a mod chip please help! Now when you boot up with the chip ON it should not give you an error anymore.

Original Xbox Error Code 07

Nah something wrong there. He probably accendently removed the m$ dashboard which is why you are getting your error code 16. infamousdice: thanx for this well this explains the error codes and sometime if you got an xtra xbox then the parts u need my be in the other xbox that u

good luck! It contains the hdd lock key which you need. The problem arises when xbox searches for menu to set clock with, can't find it and voila: error 16. Xbox Error 13 The original (also called "Retail") hard drive is locked by MS.

Terms Privacy AdChoices RSS menu Whirlpool Go to navigation Whirlpool Search Forums Archive Gaming Multiplatform Replacing HDD on XBOX with modchip Last updated: 19 June 2005 Archive View Return to standard Original Xbox Error 16 Fix User #57420 2145 posts seed Whirlpool Forums Addict reference: posted 2005-Jun-18, 2:37 pm ref: posted 2005-Jun-18, 2:37 pm You need to tinker with Evox settings because the old not when you were actually modding the box) then I would suspect either a bad drive or bad drive wiring. Why can't I boot from disc?

Use a 2.6 slayer or something similar 14 - dashboard - Error loading dashboard (dashboard generic error) Same thing as above (error 13). Original Xbox Error Code 13 User #16918 5948 posts jhonny Whirlpool Forums Addict reference: posted 2005-Jun-16, 8:44 pm ref: posted 2005-Jun-16, 8:44 pm Dude.Point 1 .... So what do you do about it? That being said, although I know a little about the xbox, modding, and the error codes, I am not an expert, but I do want to help.

Original Xbox Error 16 Fix

I put my money on the 99,9% probability that it's deadPoint 2... Most valuable parts are the DVD-ROM, depending on brand, and the PSU.. Original Xbox Error Code 07 Good Job!! Original Xbox Error Code 5 Besides that, just use a good installation disc and all is fine.

If you can't do this then it's best to get a new xbox and softmod that or let someone hardmod it for you. weblink Orange Flashing - If you've just finished modchiping check the board for solder splashes and remove any you find. You start playing around with xboxdash.xbe etc. TriMesh, Jun 20, 2013 #4 HEX1GON T0-05-XY Joined: May 4, 2011 Messages: 9,839 Likes Received: 616 Even if the cable isn't in correctly error 9 can show up as well, so Xbox Service Required Call Customer Support

Check out torrent sites and IRC rooms, whatever you are more familiar with.2. Maybe you were static when you touched the ram chips. If I firstly take out my friends hdd from his softmodded xbox and place it in mine to reset the clock. navigate here BAD quality == problems.Hope that helped everyone..

After its ready it should say something like "Done" When it is "Done" just turn off your xbox. Xbox Error 21 It can also happen when you are rebuilding your xbox harddisk with a slayer cd and the power was cut. [bold]16 - dashboard - Clock cannot be set.[/bold] Basically it comes can I re-lock it without losing his stuff?Click to expand...

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Could you tell me what settings im looking for within the game to reset the M$ dash. Style ASSEMBlergames RED/BLACK Contact Us Terms and Rules Forum software by XenForo™ ©2010-2016 XenForo Ltd. Retail or upgraded doesn't matter. Xbox Error 16 Softmod Fix Double check that disc works.

User #29416 4800 posts BigMoney Whirlpool Forums Addict reference: posted 2005-Jun-15, 11:20 pm ref: posted 2005-Jun-15, 11:20 pm wanna check that site out and re-try installing the reboot your box and most likely you will get an error code 13 (this is good). But honestly I think you're better off with a new xbox. his comment is here After that, UNLOCK the harddisk with the same procedure i explained above (see error 5).

Retail or upgraded doesn't matter. Try another dvd drive of which you are sure it is working. [bold]11 - kernel - No DVD Found[/bold] Same as #10 So read up please! [bold]12 - kernel - DVD But don't you have to solder the mod chip, because I never did that ever in my life. The reason you cant just insert a disk to do a dashboard update is because without the internal clock, the xbox will not boot a disk.

That's when I first got the "service" message. So you have an error 16 huh? Now you choose "Eeprom management." Than you choose: "Lock hdd." It takes one second. Could I hotswap it to unlock it.

Well read on please! Preferably with a slayer evo-x cd. Is there a way to fix error 9 Discussion in 'Xbox (Original console)' started by zerologic, Jun 20, 2013. Or you dropped solder on your eeprom chips. [bold]4 - bootldr - Ram check failed[/bold] Your Xbox ram chips are wasted.

This means that even when your xbox is modified, you can not just put another (retail) XBOX harddisk in your xbox. Orange and Green Flashing - Well this error is specifically telling you the xbox can't find an AV cable connected to this unit if you do have one then odds are it wont damage it in any way Once you get passed the error 16 problem, you will have multiple of options to fix the error 13 that you say you are Disable your chip and try to boot original.

You had to have unlocked it first.Sorry i'm vague, as I don't have an xbox anymore but try looking up info regarding what i mentioned.. SixSenseEagle, Sep 9, 2012 Top #1 Member pyromaniac123 ส็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็(ಠ益ಠส็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็ Joined: Sep 24, 2011 Messages: 2,000 Country: Do you have a copy of the xbox's eeprom.bin? The "Lock" on a xbox hard drive contains information that is based on the harddrive itself and the motherboard it came with. pyromaniac123, Sep 9, 2012 Top #2 SixSenseEagle Newbie pyromaniac123 said: ↑ Do you have a copy of the xbox's eeprom.bin?

yeah you're screwed HAHA!! It gives you error 5.