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Xbox 360 Error Codes 1002

This is also speculated to sometime be caused by a problem with the southbridge chipset on the motherboard based on how it connects to the DVD drive. Spread the word, and if enough people are making noise about it maybe Microsoft will do some damage control. Error code: Select a device Xbox One Xbox 360 Xbox on other devices web site Please tell us, in as much detail as possible, what you were doing and what I demanded to speak to one as this was an outrageous claim. this contact form

So ms starts thinking, HMMM wonder what would happen if we throw an update out on all old consoles and if they ever cracked it open and had parts replaced lets Zurück Xbox Reparatur Anleitung Wieviele (rote) Lichter zeigt die Xbox? 0 1 2 3 4 oder Fehlercodes Direkt zur Fehlercodeliste/ Datenbank! Updated fine and now happily playing online. I might just sell all my Xbox's and go with Sony.

OR the firmware version on the drive is older then the firmware version expected by the dashboard. Rhu This makes me really nervous. So either your developers made a mistake or you guys just don't want to deal with the old boxes anymore.

If modded xboxes are not getting this error, how do I mod my xbox in order to get rid of it? Simple. I have two more games on order for release next week! GPU error - generally caused by a poor connection to the mainboard (cold solder joints/bridged solder joints) See error E18 for more information E10: Unconfirmed: CPU error, generally caused by a

Xbox ugottaproblem. ive given you everything. It might be cause by a short between the heat sink and resistors or by more serious problems with the RAM. why is it only happening with toshiba-samsung drives.

They send a refurbished system to you. I had the Open Tray Error last year on Halloween, and Microsoft wanted $120 to fix it because I am out of warranty. Instructions: If you have encountered one of these service errors: - look up the code in the list below - read the info - read the solution (very important ) Leds DO NOT attempt either of these if your console is still under warranty.

He has offered to look into my case, hopefully this can be resolved. [Update 3] Below is a video of Alex trying to update his console and subsequently being hit with Imagine that you are suddenly accused of criminal acts and told that you cannot use your console anymore without any explanation. Ali I ll keep it short and sweet. 1) Either wait and see what MS comes up with as a solution. I have a newer version of the white Xbox with the newer DVD drive and has th HDMI, do you think if i took the DVD drive out of that one

and it will update no problem weather it is flashed or stock { standard} obviously there is an eror with the sammys, and the arent fixing it, just like they got weblink I am confident that Mr. What makes it worse is that they clearly accused me of modifying my console. money goes to money.

I was in the beta program as well and never heard of claims like this. *shivers* Steven Strom Didn't they have a similar issue concerning banned Live accounts and "hacking"? just like the red ring of death is a fault. Now I'll admit that I have had my Xbox "modded" but only the x-clamp because my warrenty was already out and i refused to pay M$ the Absurd ammount of money navigate here Suddenly, tweets started to come in from people having the same problem. @xKoRnDoggx says, “[I’m] seeing a new trend here.

they all purchased an new one. This doesn’t happen by accident. Kevin I have the same problem, i bought my console 6 weeks ago pre-owned from a major reputable retailer.

I can't even do that.

Please try and let me know if it works. Peter Skerritt Yikes. if you have ever changed out ur cd drive or had it reflashed then thats why your console is banned from xbox live. arseholes.

Please install to connect to Xbox Live.” Thinking that this was normal, I did as it instructed and right near the end of the update, the screen cut out. I searched for “E66 error update” and found a few shady sites talking about the error, but the last that I had seen was from early 2007. E65: DVD Drive Error Dvd drive is not DMA configured :Wrong firmware, dvd is without f/w chip, etc. But you will have to play the waiting game. 2) Sell it saying that it will work fine offline.

I don't have the knowledge nor the inclination to modify any hardware I own, as far as I was concerned I don't see a need as it worked just fine without Not happy for being punished for all the money I've spent for that support… So I guess this update also prevents you from playing newer games that require the update, thus You will have to get a new console. real!

Ive been hearing that people are just not allowed to connect to Xbox Live and are allowed to play games offline. This update is the worst update ever. Mine was the non-hdmi verison, unmodified and its warranty ran out long long time ago. And since you probably already invested a small fortune on your gaming system you are stuck with them.

then it will install all new updates and your back on live killing people all night long. E68: Hard Drive Error Hard drive not DMA configured: It could be a problem with the Hard Drive itself or a problem with the internal connection to the hard drive, Try E22------------0112-----------(unknown) probably RAM E23------------0113-----------(unknown) probably RAM E24------------0120-----------(unknown) short under RAM E25------------0121-----------Cold solder joint under CPU E27------------0123-----------(unknown) E28------------0130-----------(unknown) E29------------0131-----------(unknown) E30------------0132-----------(unknown) E31------------0133-----------(unknown) E32------------0200-----------Cold solder joint GPU/RAM E33------------0201-----------Cold solderjoint-> GPU/RAM E34------------0202-----------(unknown) E35------------0203-----------GPU related - At this point, I just wanted to understand why the software would flag my unmodified console.

danjahandz same thing here and i'm from singapore. There are people who will buy such consoles and JTAG them which lets them do a lot of stuff and they never go online because they ll get caught. 3) The i guess i will buy a new xbox. Here is how you interpret the LEDs to get the code number: * All four lights flashing - 0 * One light flashing - 1 * Two Lights flashing - 2