What services does a locksmith offer?

In order to successfully answer the query ‘how much does a locksmith cost’, you must know the services that a locksmith provides. The skillset of a locksmith is very different and they oftentimes cope with jobs you will possibly not even have thought to be. The primary services that a locksmith offers can be put under 3 main categories. These categories are automotive, residential, and commercial.


Automotive Locksmith – As the name implies, an automotive locksmith Dubai will manage all services which are auto related. Auto locksmiths only cope with lock and key related issues etc. So be sure you don’t contact an automotive locksmith when you really need help with a damaged fan belt because they won’t be able to assist you to with that. On the other hand, if you are caught in a car lockout, or if you need assistance with an ignition cylinder replacement, then an automotive locksmith may be the person who you have to call. The services that an auto locksmith provides ranges from rekeying ignitions to assisting you get locked keys out of your trunk area.

Residential Locksmith – A residential locksmith is mainly accountable for lock and key related problems that are centered within homes. Which means that they’ll be the person to call if you lock yourself too much of your condo, or if you break a key in your door lock etc. In the event you ask the average person what they think a locksmith does, they’ll probably start to list services that mostly have to do with residential locksmiths. Their professional services vary from helping individuals house lockouts to rekeying locks on doors. Residential locksmiths (and other locksmiths as well) are the same as real life superheroes. Most of them work relentlessly, day in and day out, to assist saving stranded customers and meet them at their point of need.

Commercial Locksmith – Commercial locksmiths do not sell commercial goods or vie for spots in advertisements. The term commercial is designed to represent the nature of the service that they provide. A commercial locksmith generally handles businesses or buildings which have commercial grade locks, amongst other things. Their professional services are similar to residential locksmiths, but they tend to work on a much larger (commercial) scale. Some examples of the services offered by a commercial locksmith include the installation of new commercial grade locks or helping establishments repair their commercial safes.