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Zx Spectrum Error Codes


Home My Account Watch TV Support My Account Overview Billing My TV Services Page TV Internet Voice Settings Watch TV Overview Guide Live TV Page Live TV On Demand Support Overview BASin also gives you a much larger amount of screen area to show your program code, which you will find much more comfortable to use than the small screen area that Limited/insufficient bandwidth causing video stream to buffer, freeze, choppy playback If at home, confirm your device is connected to your home WiFi network and try again. If it's a CODE file, parameter 1 holds the start of the code block when saved, and parameter 2 holds 32768. have a peek at this web-site

The very first program I attempted to save on the Spectrum Saved, Verified and Loaded successfully at first attempt. If you contact us, please provide this error code: M102 or M103. L102 We're sorry; we're having trouble verifying your subscription. If the file is a PROGRAM file, parameter 1 holds the autostart line number (or a number >=32768 if no LINE parameter was given) and parameter 2 holds the start of

Sinclair Basic Manual

Sign In Create Username My Account Overview Overview View details about your bills, services and account settings. All timings above are without taking output contention into account. LinksAwakener Says: October 28th, 2008 at 9:49 pm Dudes: "Guru Meditation" and "lp0 (printer) on fire" have already been mentioned in the original Greatest Error Messages of All Time. The following steps can help resolve many errors: If at home, confirm your device is connected to your home WiFi network and try again.

The ZX Spectrum is small and flat, rather wider than the ZX-81 but not as deep. If you have a Spectrum TV subscription, please call us at (855) 757-7328 and provide this code: L101. cc is any (applicable) condition NZ,Z,NC,C,PO,PE,P,M nn is a 16-bit number n is an 8-bit number b is a number from 0 to 7 (BIT/SET/RES instructions) r and r' are any Charter Spectrum App Error Codes The Spectrum uses a "superset" of ZX-81 Basic, and any ZX-81 program can be typed in with the minimum of changes; ZX-81 tapes cannot be loaded into the Spectrum.

The more devices you have connected to your wireless network reduces the wireless signal speed there is for each device to use. In the table below: dd is any of the registers BC,DE,HL,SP qq is any of the registers BC,DE,HL,AF ss is any of the registers BC,DE,HL ii is either of the index The reason for this is not currently understood. Example: DELETE [n,n] (between values) or DELETE [ ,n] (to value) or DELETE [n, ] (from value) FREE: FREE can be used at any time within a program, or from immediate

Too many concurrent streams (more than 5) Confirm other household members are not streaming (a maximum of five (5) devices can stream Live TV at the same time). Charter Error Code M112 Says: December 18th, 2008 at 7:46 am Some of my favourites from BeOS: "This user name and password aren't getting me anywhere. If no data is available then this is indicated be resetting both the carry and zero flags. Reboot your Roku.

Charter Communications Error Codes

Please try again later. These are expanded by referencing a token table in ROM. Sinclair Basic Manual You have your Radio Shack/Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer 2 plugged into an ancient Zenith black and white TV through an RF switcher saved from a similarly ancient Coleco Pong clone. Charter Spectrum Error Codes A SCREEN$ file is regarded as a CODE file with start address 16384 and length 6912 decimal.

Enter your Head of Household username and password. Sinclair invented the "one-touch key" system for the ZX-80, which ensured that the computer knew that the first key pressed after a line number, or after the word Then, would produce Once you think you have a program successfully on tape - and before you New it from the computer - you can play it back into your computer using the Verify This is obviously fairly confusing though, so should probably be avoided unless their is a good reason for using this construct. Charter Spectrum Error Code M111

PRINT FREE will show how much RAM is free. Try Spectrum TV on Roku again. Finally, there is an interesting bug in the ULA which also has to do with this split bus. Source STVA on Roku is only available to residential customers.

Try as I might, I never did figure out a way to provoke the error. Zx Spectrum Basic However, the EAR and MIC sockets are connected only by resistors, so activating one activates the other; the EAR is generally used for output as it produces a louder sound. Android Devices: All tablets and phones running Android 4.2 and above are supported.

LD (HL),A): If 16384<=PC<=32767 then (Insert the delay corresponding to the current cycle, relative to the start of the frame) (according to the above table) (end if) Delay for 4 cycles

When You Make a Mistake When you make a mistake the coding teacher will put an ERROR message on the screen for you, if it wants to tell you that your Tap the Lock icon on the top of the page. So an entry like 'hl+1:3' means that if HL+1 is in range 16384-32767 and the current cycle number is subject to delays, then the delay corresponding to the current cycle must Charter Spectrum Customer Service version: "Have you tried checking for post-it notes on your co-workers' desks?") "I can't find the CIFS browsing server for this workgroup … Please check your CIFS network settings and/or complain

Two versions exist due to different memory maps - a version for TC2048 and a version for TS/TC2068. STICK is a function that gives the position of the internal joystick (Timex Sinclair 2090). Commented ROM listings are available from Geoff Wearmouth, author of the SEA Change ROM. have a peek here Higher numbers produce higher notes, with negative numbers for notes below middle C.

BASin makes a soft "click" sound when you press a key, to tell you that it has done what you asked it to. The sound output can be tapped from both the Mic and Ear sockets at the back, to drive an earpiece or to feed into an amplifier. Nevertheless, the ZX Basic is considerably slower than BBC Basic. This is probably one of the most frustrating errors that I've encountered because- more than once- it's cost me several hours of time trying to figure out what was wrong.

This short assembler routine will create a new channel and associate a stream with it: LD HL,(PROG) ; A new channel starts below PROG DEC HL ; LD BC,0x0005 ; Make The type is 0,1,2 or 3 for a PROGRAM, Number array, Character array or CODE file. Access to I/O ports is treated slightly differently to access to memory; full details are given in the Contended Input/Output section. Within each section, you may find links to additional information elsewhere in this FAQ, or to reference documents located elsewhere.

Without this matrix behaviour Zynaps, for instance, won't pause when you press 5,6,7,8 and 0 simultaneously. Sinclair ZX Spectrum was replaced in 1984 by the Spectrum + and in 1985 by the Spectrum 128. It's a shame that the goal of software developers nowadays seems to be to fool people into thinking they're using a magic box rather than a computer.